Sustainability – Doing the right thing!

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Situated as it is, on the stunning world heritage site, Hadrian’s Wall, the natural beauty of the area is a vital part of the Festival on the wall experience.  The UK’s countryside  doesn’t get much better than here in Northumberland and we want it to stay that way and for you to enjoy a perfect party experience with us thats safe, clean, vibrant, fun and makes a difference to those let fortunate than ourselves..

Festivals inevitably have an impact on the environment and communities surrounding where they take place and  we are committed to do all we can to achieve positive things, environmentally, socially and economically.

We are making sustainability a central part of the Festival On The Wall ethos.

We will be finding innovative ways to minimise waste and keep it from landfill, whilst controlling our carbon emissions, protecting and enhancing the land, and working locally to create jobs and long-term economic benefit. We will also work to create a legacy that the whole FOTW community can be proud off.  We want everyone to be involved in making this the UK’s most sustainable festival. Thats a challenge and everyone we will all need to play their part – but we are committed to the journey, in ways that improve the festival experience for everyone.

It starts, of course, with our partnership with Unicef, as we raise money  to support the amazing work they do to protect children in danger around the world.

Keep an eye on the news feed for updates and to find ways you can get involved.


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