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Are there any age restrictions?

Anyone attending the festival under the age of 16 must be attending with a parent or guardian, with a valid adult ticket.

Can I purchase day tickets? 

We are not releasing day tickets for Festival on the Wall, for many logistical reasons, but also because we want you to enjoy the whole weekend! We have a camping and non camping option for those that want to leave the festival, each evening. Only those with camping wrist bands will be able to enter the campsites after a certain time.

Do I have to camp?
Nope! There is a non camping ticket option for those wanting to leave the festival each evening. If you choose not to camp, your wristband will allow you access on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, anyone leaving the site and returning the next day, will be researched on entry. You cannot leave the site and return on the same day. For security reasons there is a strict no pass-out policy, so if you have to leave the festival on Saturday for example you will ONLY be able to return the following day.

Do I have to pay extra for camping?
If you purchase the weekend camping option, it’s included as part of the ticket price.

Can I go back to the car once I’m in the festival/campsite?
Yes! You can make as many trips to the car as you feel necessary, however upon re-entering the festival, you will be searched by security. If for any reason, you need to leave the whole festival site, you can only come back the following day. The festival and campsite are totally separate to the main car park.

How far is it from the car park to the festival and campsite?
The car park is located very close to  the festival site. meaning shuttles aren’t necessary. It is a short walk (around 2 minutes) from the car park to festival entrance.

Can I bring a camper van/ motorhome?
Yes, there is a limited number of camper van tickets available to purchase from the ticket page. This ticket must be purchased in addition to your weekend ticket.

Is there a restriction on tent size?
There’s no set restriction, but please be considerate to other campers and don’t bring anything ridiculously over the top, if you can help it!

Can I bring my own alcohol?
As an independent festival, which is not funded by corporate sponsors, we need bar sales to support the cost of the festival. The cost of making FOTW happen means we can only allow a personal allowance of eight cans of beer/cider or a bottle of wine per person. No spirits are allowed. However,  our unique click-and-collect service means that you don’t have to worry about that! Please be aware,  you cannot bring any glass to the festival site; this is for the safety of the animals that will be using the site after us. Please decant any alcohol into plastic bottles, before entering. Any alcohol in glass bottles will be confiscated.

Can I bring soft drinks?
Sealed drinks like bottles of water are allowed, but may be checked on entry to the site. There is no set limit on soft drinks, however, any in glass bottles will be confiscated.

Can I bring food?
Of course, there is no limit on the food you can bring in. Don’t bring too much, as there will be many tasty food traders on site, to cater for your every need!

What food will be available?
We appreciate good food, so expect a broad range of high-quality global street food and amazing dining experiences. For those seeking gluten-free options, rest assured there will be gluten-free options available from many of the vendors.

How can I apply for a trader pitch?

Please email some information about your business to info@festivalonthewall.com

How can I send in an Artist/Dj submission?

Please send some links to your music to info@festivalonthewall.com

Can we bring our dog to the festival?

Despite our love of mans best friend, unfortunately we cannot let any dogs into the festival. Only assistance dogs are allowed. If you need to bring an assistance dog to the festival, please send the relevant certification to info@festivalonthewall.com, once you have purchased your own ticket.

Accessibility Information

We have excellent facilities for anyone with any accessibility issues. There is an accessible campsite close to the main arena, which has its own car park. This campsite will have accessible showers and toilets, with many more accessible toilets located around the festival site. Much of the festival will have temporary pathway in place, but can still become difficult to navigate in harsh weathers. Carers go free – for more information, please email info@festivalonthewall.com

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