We have a strong focus on exceptional food. At FOTW you can experience everything Northumberland has to offer from long-table fine dining provided by some of the best restaurants in the region to hand-picked global street food and artisan markets. We also need to hydrate and often quickly! Everything from soft drinks, premier-range alcoholic beverages, craft brews and fine wines will be available on site.

We are also offering a unique click-and-collect service. Why bother going to a local supermarket to get your weekend supply when you can tell us what you want and simply pick it up when you arrive!? Say goodbye to flat beer and warm wine in your campsite. You don’t even have to collect it all in one go. We will keep your favourite drinks on ice for you to enjoy later on during the festival. The best bit…you don’t have to lug a crate of booze around and it will be the same price as the local offie!

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