5 Reasons Festival On The Wall Will Be About You

5 Reasons Festival On The Wall Will Be About You main image
Tired of festivals that don’t care about you? We’ve created an event dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

1. We’ll Treat You Properly

You’re human not cattle, but far too often festival-goers are treated like livestock. While other festivals may promise levels of service they don’t deliver, we’re taking the festival experience to a whole new level of service standard.

2. Boutique On A Big Scale

Once festivals reach a certain size they seem to forget where they came from and any notion of comfort goes out the window. This is why the boutique festival was born. But there’s no reason to drop certain standards just because more people are on site. We’re determined to deliver a personalised boutique experience to everyone in a beautiful, safe, clean and vibrant environment, regardless of the size of the crowd.

3. Motivated Crew

We believe that festivals need to look after their staff and volunteers, as well as their guests. We’ll make sure our crew are well trained, well looked after and, in turn, enjoy making your weekend a better experience.

4. Beneficial Technology

We intend to use technology to provide you with amazing immersive experiences you won’t have encountered at a festival before, but as well as using digital capabilities to enhance the festival-going experience, we’re harnessing it to ensure the safety, security and efficiency of our operations.

5. A Celebration Of The North East

Northumberland is a passionate region with passionate people at its heart and FOTW will embrace and showcase everything that is great about this special region. On a site straddling UNESCO’s World Heritage Hadrian’s Wall, the festival will offer you unrivalled panoramic views across open countryside. And we’re determined not to spoil those views! Learn more about our approach to sustainability here.

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