19 Things To Experience At Festival On The Wall

19 Things To Experience At Festival On The Wall main image

As the first of its kind in the North East, Festival On The Wall, offers you a raft of new experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the region.

1. A Festival That’s All About You

Tired of festivals that don’t care about you? We’ve created an event dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Let us know what you like and dislike about festivals and want you want at your festival and we’ll make it happen. Email info@festivalonthewall.com

2. The Unexpected

crop-circleBesides the immersive attractions listed here, there are plenty of secret areas scattered across site for you to discover and interact with as you explore the festival.

3. Line-Up Unlike Any Other In The Region

We’re putting together a breathtaking music line-up, never before experienced in the North East. Some of the world’s best artists will play alongside breakthrough acts and up-and-coming local talent. This will be the first time Northumberland has seen such a collection of quality bands and DJs performing across the same weekend.

4. A Setting Unlike Any Other


The UK’s countryside doesn’t get much better than here in Northumberland and Northumberland’s countryside doesn’t get much better than the Festival On The Wall site. Situated on a stunning world heritage site, Hadrian’s Wall, the natural beauty of the area is a vital part of the FOTW experience.

5. The Thunderdome

fullshotThe Thunderdome exists for late-night revellers. At the centre of the Mad Max-esque area is a 360-degree, flaming stage with a central DJ booth shooting lightning bolts over  the crowd. Surrounding the arena you’ll find gravity-defying fire breathers, high rise stunts, assorted street performers and crazy bikers.  Hosted by the world’s most-famous flame-throwing troupe, expect some very loud bikes and flames, lots of flames.

6. Hot Tub Sanctuary

spa-hot-tub-tom-omearaYou need a place where you can turn it down a notch! The Hot Tub Sanctuary is a place of calm and tranquility in a far corner of the festival site surrounded by wild flowers with a spectacular view of the festival and the rolling hills of Northumberland. Here you can recharge with a whole host of contemporary treatments, spas and classes, whilst enjoying healthy food and fresh juices.

7. Unicorn Discotheque

Venice, Italy - February 15, 2015: An unidentified person wearing a magnificent unicorn mask, posing at the Carnival of Venice, in Italy.An imaginarium where Willy Wonka meets Club G.A.Y, but weirder. It’s a disco-fantasy party, with ‘Entry Only’ to Unicorns, Pegasuses, Centaurs and other assorted equestrian mix-ups. During the day there are dress-up stations, day-craft workshops, morning raves, and laughing yoga, giant sweets and very camp treats. During the night think seated cabaret, which turns into a glitterbomb mess by morning.

8. A Sustainable Environment

festival-location-main-imageSituated as it is, on the stunning world heritage site, Hadrian’s Wall, the natural beauty of the area is a vital part of the Festival On The Wall experience. We intend to be the world’s most-sustainable festival. We will be finding innovative ways to minimise waste and keep it from landfill, whilst controlling our carbon emissions, protecting and enhancing the land, and working locally to create jobs and long-term economic benefit. Keep an eye on the news feed for updates and to find ways you can get involved.

9. A New Approach To Camping

luxury-campingWith sustainability is at its heart, we’re offering a truly groundbreaking service, which allows you to arrive to a pre-pitched home from home. We also think space is important so you can decide on the pitch you want and the friends you’d like to join you. Our click-and-collect service means you don’t have the hassle of moving it back and forth to the festival and it means we can be more sustainable, with less waste and less cleaning up to do. And , if you want to camp in real style we have a number of luxury camping options coming soon.

10. Beefy Melons Temple Of Love And Gratitude

img_3033Beefy Melons Temple Of Love and Gratitude is part-micro venue, part-hula hoop. Possibly one of the the friendlist party places you’ll find at a festival, Beefy Melons has popped up at various festivals including Latitude, Benicassim, Electric Picnic, The Big Chill, Sonisphere, Standon Calling and Farmageddon. By day expect free yoga, limbo competitions, alternative life drawing, impromptu gigs and giant Jenga. At night a Funktion-One soundsystem gets  turned up. With a DJ policy that’s ‘enlightened’ to put it politely, expect to hear everything from Lionel Ritchie to Shellac via a few tracks with some of the filthiest lyrics they can find.

11. The Best Northumberland Has To Offer

FOTW is a celebration of the best Northumberland has to offer in terms of performance and creativity. We already have plenty of local artists, performers and traders involved, but we’re always keen to include more of the community, so if you want to get involved in whatever way please email us at info@festivalonthewall.com.

12. Roller Disco

Ever gone roller skating in the middle of a field? Festival On The Wall offers you the chance to do just that with a 1980s-themed retro roller disco housed in a disused (and luridly decorated) grain store. Brush up on your skating skills during the day and then showcase your moves by night as some of the UK’s best club collectives and DJs host Roller Disco takeovers.

13. Finest Food In The Region

We have a strong focus on exceptional food. Experience everything Northumberland has to offer from long-table fine dining provided by some of the best restaurants in the region to hand-picked global street food and artisan markets.

14. Help Unicef

Boys attend school at Hemonto Government Primary School in Rangamati on 3 February, 2014. Rangamati, 2 February, 2014 : The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is one of the most disadvantaged and isolated areas in Bangladesh, and yet is also an area of outstanding beauty. Located in South Eastern Bangladesh, bordering India and Myanmar, it is divided into three districts – Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari – with these three districts further divided into 25 upazilas. The population is about 1.4 million, of which more than 90 per cent are rural, living in small villages called ‘paras.’ They are often scattered over a dusty, brushy, hilly land that turns into slippery mud during the monsoon seasons. In the Rangamati district, the villagers must take boats to reach the town where medical care, government agencies, banks and essential items are sold and bartered. The inaccessible terrain of the region and lack of government services has traditionally ranked the CHT at the bottom of indicators in Bangladesh. In almost all of the main economic performance indicators – access to healthcare, child and maternal mortality – CHT lags behind the rest of the country, whilst it is also prone to malnutrition and poor hygiene/sanitation. Low literacy levels have been a problem as villages can doubt the value of a formal education, with schools for most children involving a long walk and boat ride.The CHT districts have been ravaged by over 25 years of civil unrest, whilst quarrels over land ownership and autonomy have caused years of insurgencies. A Peace Accord was signed in 1997 with a key element recognising the rights of the indigenous communities to land, as well as other sovereign issues. These have yet to be fully realised, however, and remain sources of tension in the CHT. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been working in the south-eastern Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), alongside the Government of Bangladesh, through the Integrated Community DFestival On The Wall is in aid of Unicef and every weekend ticket includes a £10 donation to charity. Unicef helps to ensure that vulnerable children around the world provides vital support to save and change children’s lives. Buying a FOTW ticket helps Unicef help keep more children safe.

15. Karavanoake


Scattered around the site are various caravans-come-karoake booths. You and your friends or strangers can have a mini party inside the party booths. Each caravan is themed with UV murals and have booth service drinks.

16. Events In The Sky

We’ll have a number of events in the sky at FOTW. The centre piece is an extraordinary sky platform purposely built  for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a unique experience suspended 100 feet in the air. ‘Floating’ above the festival brings a whole new perspective whether you’re watching your favourite act, the sunset or a man dressed as a 20-foot octopus whilst you float above the party! Besides the viewing platform they’ll be plenty more surprises in the sky at the festival.

17. Cinema


Feel like chilling out and watching a late-night film after the Main Stage powers down? Then check out our immersive cinema area. Offering you the chance to not just watch cult flicks and classic cinema, but star in them your selves, it’s a truly alternative cinema experience.

18. On-Demand Drinks

Why bother going to a local supermarket to get your weekend supply when you can tell us what you want and simply pick it up when you arrive!?  We  offer a unique click-and-collect service. Say goodbye to flat beer and warm wine in your campsite. You don’t even have to collect it all in one go. We will keep your favourite drinks on ice for you to enjoy later on during the festival.

19. Witchcraft Woods


Embrace the black arts and witchcraft in our enchanted woods area. Imagine wooded clearings imbued with a fresh, mystical taint. Think illuminations in the trees and fog on the floor. By day, a home to wood carvers, tarot readers, leather workers, medieval skillsters and other assorted artisans. You can even take lessons. By night, it transforms into something entirely different.

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