11 Things You Might Not Know The North East Gave The World

11 Things You Might Not Know The North East Gave The World main image

Northumberland is a special region with passionate people at its heart. Here’re just some of the unlikelier inventions to emerge from the North East.

1. Lucozade


Originally called Glucozade, it was concocted in a small chemist in Newcastle.

2. Jimi Hendrix


Well sort of, Geordie music producer Chas Chandler discovered Hendrix in New York in the 60s and brought him back to Newcastle.

3. Gregg’s Sausage Roll


Even the Gregg’s website refers to them as “infamous”. It’s not surprising. A national treasure championed by visiting celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhal, the Gregg’s sausage roll has even been known to inspire stabbings. And with more bakeries than McDonalds or Starbucks have fast-food outlets, Gregg sell more than 2.5 million of the flagship product with the enigmatic filling per week.

4. The Windscreen Wiper


Captain Gladstone Adams invented the windscreen wiper in 1911, inspired by trying to clear snow from his windscreen on a trip back to his hometown Newcastle after an FA cup tie

5. Backdrop To Harry Potter


Alnwick Castle is used as the cinematic location for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It also appears in Downton Abbey

6. Mr Bean


Rowan Atkinson is a Geordie.

7. Manners

Newcastle came top of the UK courtesy list in a 2005 Readers Digest survey, while a Travelodge survey in 2009 found that Newcastle gave its guests the warmest welcome in the UK.

8. Viz


The irreverent comic, which gave the world the likes Sid the Sexist, Buster Gonad and The Fat Slags was born in a bedroom in Newcastle upon Tyne. Once the third-most popular ‘magazine’ in the UK it was invented by Geordie Chris Donald, who was inspired by punk fanzines and originally sold the comic in local record stores.

9. English Tartan


Technically, Northumberland is the only part of England to boast a ‘national dress’, with Northumberland tartan dating back further than many Scottish tartans.

10. UK’s Most-Popular Author


With book sales topping 100 million, crime writer Catherine Cookson was born in Northumberland.

11. Festival On The Wall

A new, independent festival dedicated to providing you with a boutique experience on a big scale. Northumberland is a passionate region with passionate people at its heart and FOTW will embrace and showcase everything that is great about this special region.

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